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Qcall is equipped with a tool that allows us to manage multiple outgoing and incoming calls, social media, chat, SMS and IVR systems.

Each project begins with extensive preparation and in-depth training for the team working on it.

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Acquisition – Tele prospection

You want to commercialize a product or service, but your team is not large or experienced enough to do this?

We can offer you a team specifically trained for telephone sales.

The retention of customers and the search for new customers are what keeps a business alive. This includes generating leads with an emphasis on finding potential customers. Of course, the first contact with the customer is crucial.

Tele prospection is the most efficient way to generate leads. Today we see that more and more companies outsource these tele prospecting activities to professionals.

Why tele prospection?

Tele prospecting takes a lot of time and many companies underestimate the importance of this tool in finding and recruiting new customers. When the quality of this tele prospection is higher, you will be able to recruit more new customers!

Investigating the potential of the customer

At Qcall, we stay in close contact with your company. Qcall will consult your company about potential customers and will also seek new opportunities to exploit them. Then Qcall will call all prospects to make appointments.

Customer service

Build customer loyalty with faster, more flexible and smarter customer service

Your customers always expect more and more from a customer service. Response time is crucial for this service. The faster it is, the happier your customer is, and the less it will cost you. To meet their needs, you must provide them with a customer service that is fully personalized and superior to that of your competitors.

Qcall offers a more responsive, multi-channel customer service that includes all your customers’ terminals and applications.

Retention – winback

You want to prevent a customer from going to the competition?

Or maybe he’s already gone and want to get him back?

Our employees make sure you contact your customers to offer them something that he cannot refuse!

The double advantage of tele prospection:

A telemarketing retention campaign is the ideal way to retain existing customers or to win back the customers who have gone to the competitor.

These campaigns are also excellent opportunities for achieving additional goals by cross- or upselling.

Scheduling appointments


Do your salespeople want to have appointments with optimal travel times?

Our team will contact your contacts or customers to schedule appointments according to the eligibility criteria you want. Our instruments enable us to calculate and optimize the travel time between each appointment.

We can also place the appointment directly in your calendar and confirm this appointment by email and/or text.

What are your ambitions?

You want to conduct a market study, mystery call or satisfaction survey with your existing clientele or a selected goal?

Our team will perform the calls and ask the questions needed to successfully complete your research.

Social media management

Manage conversations on social media, websites, and mobile devices, and use these conversations to lower your costs in sales and service.